Attention, Affect and Action

Attention, Affect and Action

-A Theradrama Guide to Social Games for Special Populations.

Playing games and pretending is nothing new and what has been practiced since the first human made a makeshift ball or imitated another human in order to aid in their learning.

This book will  endeavor to inspire you to increase your knowledge regarding your social student’s condition and develop your own language, and activities in communicating, supporting and engaging them as they make their way on life’s journey.

To that end, this book of developmental games are separated into three sections


This section will highlight games that grab the initial attention of the participants. They are meant to focus in terms of such social behavior as eye contact and sharing an experience.


Here we will challenge the participants to recognize and respond to emotion, in addition to understanding when some emotions are unexpected and perhaps unwanted.


This is where we help participants in giving action to what was practiced in the above two section; giving them a framework for improvised social scenes and practicing social behavior.